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Selected Press Feedback:

Selected Press Feedback:

"...Ehler's compositions radiate warmth, intelligence and a sense of well-being to which one can become addicted, playing in a league in which musicians such as Sebastian Sternal or Martin Tingvall can be found.

(...)Every keystroke has a meaning and sharpens the perception that with FATUM you have acquired one of the greatest piano albums of recent times; the perfect sound does the rest. (...) Jazz with depth, mature, emotional and in top sound quality."

LP Magazine for Analogue HiFi & Vinyl Culture, June/July 2013 about FATUM
" of the greatest piano albums of recent times..."

Star 14/2012
"...On FATUM, the musicians caress their listeners with melody-loving devotion - and discover the refined in simple beauty."

Alstermagazin, Hamburg 3/2012 about the album FATUM
"His piano playing is without hecticness, without stress, but withdrawn, clear and radiating calm. The tones explored in dialogue are allowed to fade away with him almost to the point of soundlessness. The piece "Understanding" is one of these specific quiet spots, one of these moments of pausing..."

Jazz Podium 03/2012 on FEEL THE LIGHT
"And Ehlers' delicate touch penetrates the senses in a very elegant and cuddly way on the one hand, but on the other hand also compellingly like well matured wine."

Audiophil 03/2010 on FATUM
"His soft touches let the notes glide in a spherical duct over an imaginary horizon without ever wanting to touch it."

Audiophil 2008 about SWEDISH MOMENTS
"The result is a chamber music album that is haunting as well as atmospherically restful. Balm for the soul in the daily multimedia attacks."