After the albums Feel the Light (2009) and FATUM (2012), which were also released on NRW Records and presented by the Martin Ehlers Trio with guests (Ingolf Burkhard, Herb Geller), the piano trio, which in addition to Martin Ehlers also includes bassist Thomas Biller and drummer Derek Scherzer, is once again satisfied with itself on the new recording Asking for the Moon.

Release Date: 20. Mar 2015

With FATUM, Martin Ehlers and his trio have presented a truly beautiful record. Its musical splendour is extended into the packaging by the cover art. Never kitschy, the high song is sung to the melody. Homage is paid to it quietly and reduced. Nothing flies by at high speed and barely perceptible. Martin Ehlers creates jazz with a heart of flesh and blood.

Release Date: 30. Mar 2012

Swedish Moment is considered the classic recording of Martin Ehlers albums. The trio recording was highly praised in the press at the time and the album was also a bestseller in the trade, whether Hanse CD in Hamburg, JPC or Shirokko in Munich, the album sold like hot cakes!

Release Date: 20. Mar 2015

About the release of FEEL THE LIGHT, Gerhard Rühl a great jazz lover and former owner of the record shop Shirokko from Munich wrote in 2010:

"With Swedish Moments, Hamburg pianist Martin Ehlers has provided one of the most beautiful jazz CDs of recent years. Now he presents a follow-up CD - hardly believable: he has improved once again and delivered a work in a class of its own: MARTIN EHLERS TRIO : FEEL THE LIGHT

Release Date: 05. Mar 2010

Strange Blue Light Bay is the debut album of the Martin Ehlers Trio from 2005. The formation around the Hamburg pianist Martin Ehlers with the double bass player Thomas Biller and Heinz Lichius on drums suggests a light summery album.

Release Date: 30. Sep 2005