Martin Ehlers

Martin Ehlers has been exploring the melodic soul of jazz since the beginning of his musical development. Everything in his artistic work revolves around emotion. "I can't do anything about it," he says himself, "when my thoughts get lost in emotions and feeling, whether positive or negative, then that gets put into notes. You can also tell the stories with the keys", Ehlers allows a glimpse into the genesis of his compositions. It's all about the melody.

The Hamburg-born pianist and composer has meanwhile released five albums under his name. After his debut CD Strange blue light bay and the second album Swedish Moment, he landed a real best seller with Feel the Light, rare enough in the industry these days. (MORE...)


Liebe Leserinnen und Leser! In meinem Buch "Neustart für die Lunge" (Riva Verlag) habe ich schon vor einiger Zeit auf den Zusammenhang von Atmen und Musizieren hingewiesen. Die ATEMtage habe mich für einen Vortrag am 8.10. in Hamburg eingeladen, bei dem ich u.a. auch musikalische Beispiele am … read more

Mein erster Auftritt in der Sylter Akademie am Meer und dann so ein wundervoller noch dazu! Über 100 Gäste waren gekommen um den literarisch-musikalischen Abend zu genießen. Eine großartige Misha Loewenberg las Auszüge aus Schloss Gripsholm vor, zudem ich auf einem tollen Steinway Flügel spielen … read more

Press Comments

  • of the greatest piano albums of recent times... June/July 2013 about FATUM – LP-Magazin für analoges HiFi & Vinyl-Kultur
  • "... on FATUM the musicians caress their listeners with melody-loving devotion - and discover the refined in simple beauty." 14/2012 – Stern
  • "His piano playing is without hecticness, without stress, but withdrawn, clear and radiates calm. The tones explored in dialogue are allowed to fade away with him almost to the point of soundlessness. The piece "Understanding" is one of these specific moments of calm, one of these moments of pause..." via FATUM 3/2012 – Alstertal Magazine
  • "And Ehlers' delicate touch penetrates the senses very elegantly and smoothly on the one hand, but on the other hand also compellingly like well matured wine." to Feel the Light 3/2012 – Jazz Podium
  • "His soft strokes let the notes glide in a spherical ductus over an imaginary horizon without ever wanting to touch it." about FATUM 3/2010 – Audiophil
  • "The result is a chamber music album that is both haunting and atmospherically restful. Balm for the soul in the daily multimedia attacks." about Swedish Moment 2010 – Audiophil
  • (...) Every keystroke has a meaning and sharpens the perception that with FATUM you have acquired one of the greatest piano albums of recent times; the perfect sound does the rest. (...) Jazz with depth, mature, emotional and in top sound quality." about FATUM 06/07 2013 – LP-Magazin für analoges HiFi & Vinyl-Kultur
  • "...Ehler's compositions radiate warmth, intelligence and a sense of well-being to which one can become addicted, playing in a league in which musicians such as Sebastian Sternal or Martin Tingvall can be found." via FATUM 06/07 2013 – LP-Magazin für analoges HiFi & Vinyl-Kultur


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New Record

After the albums Feel the Light (2009) and FATUM (2012), which were also released on NRW Records and presented by the Martin Ehlers Trio with guests (Ingolf Burkhard, Herb Geller), the piano trio, which in addition to Martin Ehlers also includes bassist Thomas Biller and drummer Derek Scherzer, is once again satisfied with itself on the new recording Asking for the Moon.

Release Date: 20. Mar 2015