Martin Ehlers Trio - Strange Blue Light Bay

Release Date:
30. Sep 2005 –
CD, Stream
  • Martin Ehlers – piano
  • Thomas Biller – double bass
  • Heinz Lichius – drums
  1. Sonnenland
  2. Mutual attraction
  3. Strange blue light bay
  4. Paradiso perduto
  5. Abendweide
  6. "Blauaugenmädchen"
  7. Nachtflüge
  8. High heels dancing

Strange Blue Light Bay is the debut album of the Martin Ehlers Trio from 2005. The formation around the Hamburg pianist Martin Ehlers with the double bass player Thomas Biller and Heinz Lichius on the drums lets a light summery airy album sound. It gets by without any gimmickry.

"Strange Blue Light Bay" by the Lübeck-based pianist Martin Ehlers is worth listening to his eight originals to let this subtly and sensitively playing trio take effect. With his two partners, Thomas Biller on double bass and Heinz Lichius on drums, Ehlers succeeds in creating atmospheric, colourful images." (

Martin Ehlers 2005 with his grand piano
Martin Ehlers 2005 with his grand piano