Martin Ehlers Trio - Swedish Moment

Release Date:
20. Mar 2015 –
CD, Stream
  • Martin Ehlers – piano
  • Thomas Biller – double bass
  • Derek Scherzer – drums
  1. Swedish Moment
  2. Stjärnafall
  3. Laughing - Crying - Everything
  4. Don't ask me why
  5. Aquamarines
  6. Mi Pasíon, mi alma
  7. Spirit, what spirit?
  8. Thank you for staying
  9. Late night harbour

Swedish Moment is considered the classic recording of Martin Ehlers albums. The trio recording was highly praised in the press at the time and the album was also a bestseller in the trade, whether Hanse CD in Hamburg, JPC or Shirokko in Munich, the album sold like hot cakes!