"...one of the greatest piano albums of recent times..." [Review: LP Magazine for Analogue Hifi & Vinyl Culture, June/July 2013]

"On FATUM, the musicians caress their listeners with melody-loving devotion - and discover the refined in simple beauty." [Review: STERN 2012/14]

"Kitsch-free, the high song is sung to the melody. With 'FATUM', the trio has presented an album whose musical beauty is also complemented by excellent cover art." [Review: AMM, April 2012]

"His melancholic piano sounds are accompanied by Thomas Biller on bass and Derek Scherzer on drums - and the great Herb Geller with his soprano saxophone. Beautiful." [Review: CHRISMON, 2012]

"The beauty of silence - Martin Ehlers ... The pianist is not a barricade fighter or iconoclast of his guild, but rather a beau spirit and consummate melodist." [Story: Jazz Podium, June 2012]